Why Bansi Gir Gaushala is ideal?

700+ Gau Mata and Nandi of the highest caste of Indian caste breed
Tapping – Gaining milk by exploiting Indian culture
Experimenting in the diet of Gir Gaumata’s own favorite medicine
Inspired by the system of complete Vedic and Cultural Bonding
Growing up of the 18 Gir Gotra based Go descendants
Gaushala Expansion: More than 4,00,000 yards
Open place of nature grazing

Bansi Gir Gaushala GopalBhai Sutariya

“Since childhood, Shri Gopalbhai Sutariya always kept this fact in mind that the fundamental qualities of our ancestor were the best in the whole world. Our predecessors probably could not produce weak prices or weak seeds.”

“This is sad to Mr. Gopalbhai when he sees how the Indians have digested our faith and Trust in the values of our ancestors and how we are blind from the eyes of the West.”

“The worst sufferer for him is that Indian originally indigenous cow is leaving the genealogy And the adoptive cow breeds such as Jersey, Holstein, Freijanisvias etc are adopted.”

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