Our Activity


  • In the whole world after giving three to four children of Gumata in the world. After giving five children in India, after losing milk, most people remove the cow from the house. After eight children, they are totally removed. In ours, we want to develop on the basis of a culture that is not exploitation, we have tied it up and weighs openly. We gave Him food to his wishes, whenever he can eat, whenever he can drink water.
  • Indigenous medicines are also consumed in mineral water. Keep in mind that even BT hybrids do not come in Khali and tapping words in culture, so we give only two springs of a cow, and the milk of two other spheres give the child yellow, so they are not exploited. Our relationship with Goumaata is formed. The results also came amazingly When we call Jees Goumata in the name of the tapping, he comes out.
  • After giving four to five cow mothers 14th, 15th and 16th child, giving milk from 22 to 27 liters of deen is still going on. There is nowhere in Bharat that is not anywhere in the whole world. Spreading in such a great seed village, we are trying our best and connecting people too. Under our roof, we are promoting the 18 breed’s Gaumata Which is not anywhere in the world.
  • We do not have cross breed or infrared. Goumata keeps records of 7 generations. We have 100 gaumata in the village of Jees, but we give the village Nandi from here. If Gumata will give so much milk at the time of her death, then selfishness will not even bring Gau Mata away from home. Its milk also 5 to 5 5 fatty comes. It means that our Gumata will get 25 liters of milk and the foreign cow will collect 40 liters of Milk, then only the fate will be compared to the rest of the qualities, not both.


  • Gumutra, Chas and water created a liquid by mixing them all, which gives a faster result than urea. Make different types of manure from cow’s cowpea. Produces more than the production of modern farming. So, take this issue seriously too, which can save The subsidy of 1 to 2 lakh crores of our country’s area. This will also help Goumata.


  • Today’s science spends four times a year, consumes four times the cost of diesel, four times to spend Uriya and pesticides, so farmers and livestock are upset. We used to see more of the ancestors and used them in varatite of 35 to 40 types of grass. From which of it does Gumata prefer the grass, keep it in mind and start cultivating it. The result is amazing.
  • Once the land has been set in the grass (3 to 4 varara of jinjua), then every twenty Days takes two and a half feet of harvesting. By applying this grass once, it does not go out of the ground for 30 years. Now imagine how it can be compared to that ..? After feeding these grasses, Gumata’s milk has increased by 10% and it can be dug out in both dry and greenways. Gumata can eat it straight away, it does not need to Be chopped off.
  • It is said that now people are growing up and they will get 15 to 20% of them. So everyone will affordable. So this kind of amendment that Gaumata has done to us, dedicates to Bharatmata and will give it to all the Gaushalas of India in this quantity for Free from here.


  • On the basis of Panchagavya, our production work is going on. From a drug made from cow urine, we have received untimely results in diseases like cough, cough, asthma, and other diseases. Similarly, for the different diseases, a combination of cow urine and Various Ayurvedic medicines, many types of capsules, extract etc. are produced here.
  • Keeping this in mind, it is mandatory to give importance to the country cow. All local breeds of India are viable and only local breeds should be promoted. No one should run behind a breed. We have started work on some local breed. I am going to catch this thing and make everybody feel that the country’s cow’s product should be used And others have to do it too. In this, the country, ours and the cow