• The famous species of Indian breed, Gir Gaumata, in which the work of the promotion of the Gau Dynasty of different 18 tribes occurs in Bansi Gir Gaushala. Bansi Gir Gaushala is a Gau Mandir where Gau rearing is not associated with animal husbandry and is associated with The spirit of “Gavo Vishvashee Matar:”.
  • Every creature in the universe is loved by it, we often see it, but there is also a fact that most people try to keep the underground organisms under their control. And this ego becomes the sin of keeping The animal in bondage.
  • When we can not see the mother giving life to us in bondage, how can we keep the mother of the mother who gave her place? Having a feeling of this fact, in each of the Gansh Goshas, live Gorda Bondage free lives. It is important to understand the meaning of words like Mamta, Karuna, and Vatsalya if we talk about milk harness.
  • The first right on the mother’s milk is her calf and “tapping” which is Sanskrit word means that it takes milk from two anchalas and that too with great love. When we get the good things from nature, Then it is our duty to think of how to cultivate it instead of its use.
  • Which of the various types of cows is superior in the Bansi Gir Gaushala, which pharmacists give with the help of fodder, the genetic lineage is healthy and prosperous, how can the calcium be filled in the Go Dynasty.
  • The aim of Bansi Gir Goshala is an effort to revive Indian culture through co-ordination and Nature conservation, national service, Vedic and modern education.
Jinjva Grass

A specialty of Bansi Gir Gaushala

  • Following the spiritual and scientifical rules, Gautama custom packages – Bansi Gir Goshala
  • Promotion of more than 18 Indian native cow mothers in the future for the wonderful Gir Gaumata species
  • More than 700+ Gir Gaumata and Nandi
  • Without exploitation “tapping method”, milk is obtained from cow’s mother – which is unevenly Spaced in very little space all over India The above-mentioned method have got India’s first nominated Gir Gaushala.
  • Goshala Expansion: More than 4,00,000 yards
  • Experienced staff: 36 Gausevak in Gaushala
  • Regular Health check-up
  • Organic and fresh medicines are full of quality Natural Grazing land
  • Every day three times a day of health care postal and ideal cow maternal dose and mineral water system
  • Dosage arrangements for better health according to the seasonality
  • Ideal effort to improve the breed of native cow mother in India’s Village
  • Where the goal of human health is to achieve the highest degree of drug that is aimed at

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