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When can we visit Bansi Gir Goshala?

The Gaushala is open for visitors between 3 pm to 6 pm every day.

We currently do not permit non-staff members to work at the Gaushala. But you are welcome to visit the Gaushala between 3 pm to 6 pm to avail darshan of our Gomata’s. We do appreciate your intention to serve Gomata.

No, there is currently no facility to stay at the Gaushala. But you are welcome to visit us between 3 pm to 6 pm to avail darshan of our Gomata’s.

We wish to open a Gaushala – is it possible for you to come and provide guidance and training?

We are not in a position to go to different locations to provide guidance and training. You may visit our website, and look for video interviews of our founder Shri Gopalbhai Sutariya on YouTube where he shares his knowledge of Gopalan and organic farming.. You are also welcome to visit our Gaushala between 3 pm to 6 pm to seek further information and guidance.


In our opinion, Gomata should to be free to graze in a field that is nurtured with organic fertilizers. Our research into nutrient value and Gomata’s tastes and preferences indicates that Jinjva grass is preferred by our Gomata, you may obtain Jinjva grass seeds at no cost from our Gaushala during the rainy season between 3 pm to 9 pm. We do not use GMO ingredients (such as GMO cotton seeds) in dry feed. We also add Ayurvedic aushadhi to our Gomata dry feeds according to weather and season.

Bansi Gir Gaushala seeks to be a model for gopalan (Gomata breeding and rearing), and a centre for study, research and experimentation into gopalan , Ayurveda and organic farming. But we do not have facilities to look after sick Gomata’s from outside. We advise you to contact a good Vaidya or a good veterinary doctor and help get them the best medical attention.

Do you sell Gir Calf, Cow or Nandi?

No, we do not sell Gir Gomata’s, we consider them as part of our family. However, we do offer our Nandi to trusted Gaushala’s and villages with a minimum of 30 Gir Gomata’s all across Bharat for brief periods to help strengthen local Gir Gomata breeds. For this, there is currently a waiting period of up to 1 year. You may call or visit the Gaushala between 3 to 6 pm to enquire for this purpose.

Gomata & Go Adharit Ayurvedic Products

Do you deliver milk at homes?

We currently do not offer this service. If you wish to buy milk, you may contact the Gaushala between 3 pm to 6 pm, but you will need to personally collect it from the Gaushala during this time.

We wish to sell your ghee, how can we do it?

You may contact the Gaushala at +91 - 6351 97 8087, and check if dealership opportunities are available.

Gaumutra Ark is just Gaumutra distillate, while 21 Aushidhiya Ark is a distillate of Gaumutra and 21 other Ayurvedic herbs. 21 Aushidhiya Ark can be helpful in conditions like thyroid malfunction and diabetes.

What are the benefits of Asav?

Kamdhenu asav is made from Gomutra among other ingredients. It contains 5-8% self generated alcohol. It can be helpful in respiratory diseases including common cold & cough, asthama, fever, tuberculosis, etc.

Jinjva Grass

Is Jinjva grass available at the Gaushala, can you courier it?

The Goshala can arrange free Jinjva grass seeds to farmers who wish to use them to prepare a grazing field for Gomata. So far over 5000 farmers have taken advantage of this scheme. But we are not in a position to courier them. To avail this scheme, you may call us and visit the Gaushala between 3 to 6 pm to avail this scheme. Please also note that this grass is available during monsoon seasons only.