Go Krupa Amrutam

Go Krupa Amrutam bacterial culture is derived from completely natural ingredients which include panchgavya (Gomutra, Gomay, milk, curd and ghee) and Ayurvedic herbs. It is the result of our extensive research and experimentation.

Go Krupa Amrutam is being offered free of cost to farmers of Bharat. If anyone is found taking money for this product, legal action will be initiated. Using Go Krupa Amrutam is unlikely to bring any adverse effects. This can be used as part of any natural farming method. We request all farmers to first apply this bacterial culture as per the described method on a part of their land, and then proceed after looking at the results achieved.

Bansi Gau Aahar

Bansi Gau Aahar prepared by ancient method and Vaidya is the best cow food for the divine mother cow and Nandi. This diet is the result of an effective combination of agriculture, Ayurveda and modern dietetics. It is helpful in increasing milk growth, health growth and immunity.

Bansi cow diet is the best diet for milk prosperity. Medicines and other special ingredients mixed in Bansi cow diet are especially useful in keeping the milk-giving mother healthy and in increasing the quantity and quality of her milk.

GoTirth Vidyapeeth

The education philosophy of ancient India was influenced by religion itself. The aim of education was to awaken the instinct of righteousness. Education was for religion, meaning, lust and salvation. Their gradual development was the only goal of education. It was the first place of religion. Opporting religion to gain meaning was to block the path to attain salvation. Moksha was the ultimate goal of life and this was also the ultimate goal of education.