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Bansi Gir Gau Veda - Testimonials

  • “Your prescription is simple and easy to follow in daily life. It helped me to be energetic whole day. It reduced my weight by 1.5 kg in just one week.”
    Maulik Bhuptani (Ahmedabad)

  • “I am suffering from knee arthritis issue as my knee cartilage is damaged, was adviced surgery and I couldn't stand properly. After taking (Gau Veda) Asthi Ghrith and Asthi Churna as prescribed by doctor since one month I am feeling better & energetic, knee pain is reduced to some extent, stiffness and inflammation is reduced. I am able to perform my daily work now”
    Surekha (Vijaywada, AP)

  • “I had high blood pressure, after taking Gau Adharit medications I am feeling substantially better. Jai Gaumata
    Rajni Purohit (Ahmedabad)

  • “I was diagnosed with severe left ventricle dysfunction and ejection fraction. I was hospitalized in the ICU, and later prescribed rest for 6 months. Later I took treatment with Gau Veda, and was prescribed Arjun chai, Arjuna Ghrit, Dhavalamrut and Phalamrut, with daily Pranayam. I am feeling much better. My last 2D Echo reports have also improved.”
    Akash Dave (Ahmedabad)

  • “I am very satisfied with the care and attention I have received (at Gau Veda). Medicines are giving positive response. Now, my family members are also taking the medicines from here.”
    Janak V Saheb (Ahmedabad

  • “I had been suffering from various ailments including obesity, depression, sleeplessness, joint pains, etc since a long time. I tried many medicines but there was no change in my condition. After starting Gau Veda medicines, in just 1 month my entire situation changed, and I am very happy.”
    Manjulaben Makwana (Ahmedabad)

  • “I have undergone diagnosis and treatment under your guidance since June 2019. I am extremely satisfied with your treatment and am taking all medicines with utmost faith.”
    Ashwin Acharya (Ahmedabad)

  • “My father was diagnosed with 5 cancer tumours in his lungs, he also experienced fatigue and pain in legs and shoulders. After diagnosis by Vaidya at Gau Veda, we used Aushidhiya Gaumutra Ark, Amalaki Ghrit and Kanchner capsules. After 1 month of taking these medicines there is 25% improvement in fatigue and pain, and we feel optimistic about his health.”
    Vajarshi Ahir (Jamnagar)

  • “I’ve been taking treatment at your Centre since February 2019. I was suffering from sleeplessness, muscle stretches, anxiety, high BP and heart related problems. I am extremely happy to inform you that after taking medications, I get good sleep, stretch in muscles has ceased, my worries are now under control, and BP has reduced to 130/80. The results have been unbelievable. I also see no side effects.”
    Yogesh Parkhi (Ahmedabad)

  • “Physical weakness, hormonal irregularity & pain, dullness, dark circles around eyes, lack of sleep and digestive issues. My wife has experienced relief from all symptoms after starting Gaushala medicines. She sleeps well, feels energetic, digestion is better, there is a shine on her face. Physical energy has improved and she has gained weight.”
    Bipin Patel (Shirpur, Maharashtra)